An adjusted Gaspar's experience in these new challenging pandemic times


Inspired by our experience during the first lockdown, we’ve been thinking all summer how we could deliver better quality dishes to your kitchens when the second lockdown happens. It is almost impossible to escape getting the dishes cold and messed up during the delivery, but we managed to find the way to save the freshness and quality and to minimise the time and efforts from your side. 


Our pouch collection includes the variety of comforting dishes that are fully cooked, and all you need is a few minutes to heat them up during your lunch or dinner time. Delicious snacks like beef croquettes or samosas, a few options of soups, a choice of curries and stews for the main course, amazing chutneys and sauces to add to your meals, and one of our favourite desserts - a date cake. With a shelf life up to 2 days.


You can order the dishes and pick them up from our restaurant. Please note then we don't have our own delivery services any longer. 


For orders, please give us a call +37065707050 or write us a Facebook message. 


If you are already getting bored of cooking at home all the time and missing interesting gastronomic experiences, we are here with a 3-course dinner set that we will prepare for Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 to 20:30, changing the menu every week.

16-17th of April | Menu:

• Homemade brioche and brown butter with capers, lime, and parsley

• Salted cod fritters, smoked paprika sauce, burnt onion powder*

• Grilled monkfish with tomato and shellfish risotto*

• Coconut and semolina cake, coconut ganache, mango

The set is for one person. The price - 34 Eur.


The amount of sets is very limited. Takeaway only.


For orders, please give us a call +37065707050 or write us a Facebook message. 

* Please note that the marked dishes are served already fully cooked and hot when picking up the order. They can be reheated at home if needed (we recommend to heat up in the oven, 180C, 2-3 min.)

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