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For Gaspar, his heritage is very important, and you can feel it not only in his dishes but also in the wine list. It is quite short, but very well made, with a lot of great producers to choose from, and a good diversity of styles and regions, with special attention given to Portugal. The by-the-glass list is strong and well thought out. Alongside Portuguese wines, it also includes some classics and premium fine wines served by Coravin, as well as a nice selection of ports and other sweet wines. And if you opt for a bottle, the pricing is very attractive.
All in all, it is a really distinctive and authentic restaurant to visit, and if you are a wine lover, you will definitely enjoy it

“He [Gaspar] spends most of his time in the restaurant, therefore, it is only natural that Gaspar’s visitors soon feel as if they are at somebody’s place as guests. And it is natural – because the restaurant is now the chef’s home!”


“Each detail feels carefully thought out, from the rough plaster walls to the blond wooden tables and the select cutlery. It's minimalist and irresistibly cozy at the same time”



“Gaspar’s has made quite an impression among locals and expats in Vilnius, catapulting it to be one of the top restaurants in Lithuania’s capital. With a frequently changing menu, Gaspar’s always has something to delight frequent visitors and those visiting for the first time”

“If you've not been to Gaspar's, you have to go because the food is amazing. This meal totally catapulted Gaspar's to the top of my restaurant list and is easily my favorite restaurant in Vilnius”


“This is truly unique in Lithuania, especially having in mind that the restaurant has its secret blend of spices, which is already well recognized by regular guests, but remains hard to decipher”


“[...] vienas iš tų neformalių restoranų, kuriuos atidaro arba tie, kas labai myli maistą, arba tie, kas labai nori atidaryti restoraną. Skaitytojau, šitie žmonės tikrai myli maistą



“Gaspar Fernandes is a spice maverick; his blends can add complexity to any simple dish. If I ever return to Vilnius, I know where I will return for dinner”

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